We’re Back! Cool T Shirts for 2016 and Beyond. Didya Miss Us?

By T-Shirt Guy / a couple of years ago

AAA TEE Reloaded

Hey dawgs and dolls, it's the Tshirt Guy here, and I'm proud to announce we're back online to deliver cool t shirts for one and all — for 2016 and hopefully beyond.

mitt romney flip vs flop cool t shirts design aaatee

If you recall, one of the big digs on Mitt Romney was that he had been on every side of every issue at least once. Like a certain Democrat candidate running in 2016 (Can you say Hillary Rodham Clinton?), he was the King of Flip-flops. Today, IMHO, she is the Queen. But no shirt for her!

Waaaaaaay back in 2011-2012, we relaunched this site (the third time, I think) for the explicit purpose of selling political t-shirts on the subject of the Obama-Romney face off. We sold some cool designs. No surprise there, but in retrospect it wasn't worth all the trouble. Prior to that, back in 2006-2007, we offered a variety of badass t-shirt designs, ranging from the political to the topical. In both cases, I took the site offline for a number of reasons, not least of which was… producing tshirts is a bitch!

But things have changed dramatically since then. For me personally, and for the online t-shirt business in general. Many of the massive headaches that used to be associated with producing cool t shirts have gone away. For owner-operators, it's been a Gawd-send, because we no longer have to front the money for production of designs and warehousing of shirts that may or may not sell.

The tshirt design world, like the document work before it, has gone the way of print-on-demand. I, for one, couldn't be happier.

Cool T Shirts Coming Your Way…

What does this mean? A number of things. First, I/we can produce more cool, funny, awesome t shirt designs without having to worry about production costs. Instead of costing thousands, the costs are now relatively nil. Second, because production lags and costs are no longer the issue, we can can get more cool t shirts on the market much faster. It also means we can actually afford (in both time and money) to pay attention to YOU, our fans, followers and customers, much more closely.

barak obama mitt romney the choice 2012 cool t shirts hoodies more

This was one of our more popular shirts from the 2012 era, clearly pitting he of the 1% (Mitt Romney) vs he of the 99% (Barak Obama). We can argue about the politics, but I don't think you can argue whether it's a good design or not. I thought it was, and based on response, so did many others.

Once upon a time, our suggestion box was full-to-the-brim with great tee shirt ideas that we could never realize, for the reasons enumerated above, and for many others as well. But now we can be much more responsive. And at the same time, we don't have to worry so much about overhead. In other words, we can spend much more time focused on design — which as an artist I love — rather than on the mundane tasks of getting cool tees on the market.

Let me tell you a story: there's nothing worse than spending thousands on a t shirt design you think is going to sell, only to find out it isn't. Well, fortunately, those bad ol' days are no more.

So help us keep on our toes! Tell us what YOU want to see, and please sign up to participate in this ongoing design adventure. We want YOUR input, ideas, suggestions and even criticism (so long as it's constructive).

If there's a shirt you want to see, let us know. Odds are, if you want to see it, others do too. If we use your idea, we'll give you the credit and a free t shirt, too. How cool is that?

Get Your FREE TEE, Hoss

We're also going to be giving away FREE T-SHIRTS every month. So be sure to sign up for our newsletter. You'll automatically be entered to win cool tshirts, and you'll also get advance notice of new, awesome graphic t shirt designs, exclusive offers and other cool sh*t you wouldn't otherwise hear about.

I'm the Tshirt Guy. I look forward to hearing from you and interacting with you, and I approve this message.



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