WATCH: Jon Stewart Shows Larry Wilmore The Love On Final ‘Nightly’

By T-Shirt Guy / a couple of years ago

When the final “Nightly Show” aired on Thursday, Jon Stewart showed up to bid farewell to host Larry Wilmore.

“Your last show?” Stewart said. “Oh my God! What did you, piss off Peter Thiel?”

Stewart was referring to the Silicon Valley billionaire who bankrolled Hulk Hogan’s $135 million privacy lawsuit that caused to shut down.

The ex-“Daily Show” host then gave some sage advice to his former correspondent: “Do not confuse cancellation with failure.”

“What you, my friend, were tasked to do, you have done and done beautifully,” Stewart said. “You gave voice to underserved voices in the media arena and you did it it was a show that was raw and poignant and funny and smart and all those things.”

After paying tribute to Wilmore, Stewart tapped his chest and said, “You did it, my…” but Wilmore tried to stop him from finishing that sentence. 

“…my mishpocheh,” Stewart concluded, using a Yiddish term for family and not the word Wilmore was fearing. 

The joke was a reference to Wilmore dropping the n-word on President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last spring.

See the full conversation in the clip above. 

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