That Awkward Moment When Britney Spears Realizes Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Gay

By T-Shirt Guy / a couple of years ago

Ever since Ryan Seacrest stepped out on that “American Idol” stage, people have speculated about his sexual orientation. And while it’s really none of our business, many including his former girlfriend Julianne Hough and apparently Britney Spears assumed the TV personality was gay. 

Over the weekend, an old clip of Seacrest interviewing Spears and Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am went viral, with many claiming it shows the exact moment the “Piece of Me” singer realized Seacrest is straight. 

In the clip, Will.I.Am and Seacrest are talking about cologne and Will asks, “You spray cologne on your girl?” A seemingly dumbfounded Spears appears to react by mouthing “girl?” to no one in particular while looking extremely confused. It’s priceless. 

Check out the funny moment below:

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