Send Us A Pic – WIN a FREE TEE!

We love to see our customers wearing their AAA TEE t-shirts. So much so, that we'd like to encourage you to send in your pics, showing you in your tee and your happily grinning grill. Not only does this give us a big warm fuzzy and further inspire us to heights of greater creativity, it helps us build the brand. Which, all cuteness aside, is really important if we want to stay in business.


To encourage same, here's what we we will do for you. If we use your pic(s), YOU'LL WIN A FREE TEE!

Cool, huh? Yeah, we thought so.

Show Us Da Love, Just Be Sure We Can SHOW YOU!

You, of course, give us explicit permission to use the pic or pics for our promotional purposes, in any way we see fit. Fair enough? Make sense? Got it?

We hope it doesn't need to be said, but we'll say it anyway, PLEASE don't send us any pics you wouldn't want your sainted mother to see. OK?

For legal reasons, please be of the age of consent/majority should you send pics in. Otherwise, we won't be able to use them, and we could get spanked. Speaking of which, if you're too young to be making such decisions, you could get spanked too!

So if you're not of “legal age,” please be sure your parent/guardian is the one sending in the pics, giving his or her explicit permission to use the pic or pics. Understand? 10-4? We hope so.