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By T-Shirt Guy / a couple of years ago

Cool & Funny Tees – Top Catchphrases, Sayings & Quotes

yada-yada-yada-funny-t-shirts-jerry-seinfeld-quote-aaateeWe've got some funny, cool TV, movie and pop culture quotes for our first batch of funny t shirts. If people like these, more will be on the way. Much more.

Fox News compiled a list of the 60 greatest catchphrases of all time. You can see it here. We pulled many of our new-for-2016 shirts from this list. But there are many more sayings, TV and movie quotes and catchphrases out there that would make great t-shirts, to be sure.

In fact, we want YOUR INPUT on what you'd like to see. So we hope you're going to LEAVE SOME COMMENTS about what you're seeing, whether you like it or not and what you want to see in the future. That way, there will be more funny t shirts to come! Or, if you're particularly shy, then contact me directly and I'll take your idea under consideration. In short, the more you participate in what's going  on here at AAA TEE, the more fun it will be for all concerned. 🙂

Free Cool, Funny T Shirts for You

heres-johnny-funny-t-shirt-johnny-carson-quote-aaateeIs there a line from a movie, TV show, book or other source that you find yourself saying often? Then odds are, others do too — and it would make a great, funny t shirts for all to appreciate and wear.


If we make it, you'll not only get to claim “that's my shirt,” but you'll get your name “in lights” and be able to point to it on your chest — because we're going to SEND YOU A FREE ONE! Free cool t-shirts for all!

That's right. If you suggest a t shirt idea that we think is dope enough to make into an actual shirt, you'll have earned yourself one, with our compliments. So… SUGGEST AWAY!

How to Get a FREE TEE

Right now we're fighting with our contest software, so the super-swanky sign up for the the aaaTee SWAGAWAY is going to have to wait a bit. In the meantime, here's what you can do to be in the running…

See that “SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL” box in the upper right hand corner? Go there and submit your email. You'll be “subscribed to the site,” which for the moment, is how it's going to work. You'll have the inside track on things happening here at aaaTee, and automatically entered for the first SWAGAWAY, which will be starting shortly. THANKS!



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