28 Hilarious Signs That You Grew Up in Florida

By T-Shirt Guy / a couple of years ago

There's no doubt Florida is heaven on earth, and there's nothing quite like spending your childhood there. Not only were we blessed with warm weather and palms trees, but also the joy of growing up with Publix subs — the sandwich of champions. 

Here are a few funny telltale signs that you grew up in the Sunshine State. 

  • 1 Sunscreen by day, mosquito repellent by night.

  • 2 You know the rivalry is REAL.

  • 3 You know that if you touch your seatbelt during the summer you'd get second-degree burns.

  • 4 You had hurricane days instead of snow days.

  • 5 You'd pick a Publix sub over a Subway sandwich any day.

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  • 6 You know there is no point in straightening your hair or spending tons of time on your make-up because HUMIDITY.

  • 7 You know the layout of your local Publix like the back of your hand.

  • 8 Anything below 70 is cold.

  • 9 It's perfectly acceptable to wear sandals anywhere, anytime.

  • 10 Florida news doesn't surprise you anymore.

  • 11 Gators are just a normal part of life.

  • 12 Florida weather is the reason you have trust issues.

  • 13 When it's hot out, it's a habit for you to put your phone underneath your towel.

  • 14 You're used to animal sounds interrupting your sleep.

  • 15 You own more bikinis than clothes.

  • 16 You know we have four seasons: summer, hurricane season, lovebug season and football season.

  • 17 Aloe vera is your savior.

  • 18 You know there are three Floridas.

  • 19 You've accidentally asked someone from out of state if they took the FCAT.

  • 20 You got free cookies at the Publix bakery!

  • 21 You wish you had a basement.

  • 22 You've become picky about your oranges.

  • 23 Your family had a season pass to Disney World and Universal Orlando.

  • 24 You learned that love bugs aren't so loving. They will straight up attack your car.

  • 25 You had the best middle school field trips. Theme parks, St. Augustine, NASA – need I say more?

  • 26 Air conditioning is your everything.

  • 27 Even if you aren't bilingual, you know how to speak basic Spanish.

  • 28 *ACCURATE*

  • And it goes without saying, but you wouldn’t trade growing up in the Florida for the world. 

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