12 Hilarious Tweets About Exercises That Are Way Too True

By T-Shirt Guy / a couple of years ago

It’s safe to say there can be a love/hate relationship with exercise.

If you’ve ever felt sore after a day at the gym, completed a personal record during a race or felt guilty for skipping a workout, you know what we mean. Sometimes it’s the best part of your day, other times it’s the worst.

Of course, you should always prioritize fitness overall. Research shows exercise can boost your heart health, improve your emotional well-being and even help you sleep better. But sometimes squeezing in a workout is easier said than done.

On those “hate” days of your relationship the ones where the gym feels like an impossible feat these Twitter users have your back. Below are a few hilariously honest tweets about fitness. Read them, chuckle and then attempt your workout anyway.

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